Tanzanian Government’s Environmental Impact Assessment

February 4, 2011

Below are links to a study that was commissioned by the Tanzania government on the environmental impacts of the proposed commercial route through the northern Serengeti National Park. The 600 page document is divided into six parts which can be downloaded.

eia part i – Includes executive summary

eia part ii

eia part iii

eia part iv

eia part v

eia part vi

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  1. Heidi Duncan at 10:19 am

    These impacat studies are usually conducted by people who have vested interest in the project, so quite worthless.
    The highway through the Serengeti National Park will be a tragedy for all its denizens.How any government can allow such a thing is beyond understanding. But if the amount paid into back pockets is adequate, scruples dodn’t apply.

    • Sunni79kf at 3:00 am

      I completely agree. Plus, with respect to page 18 of the report, didn’t it state: “There will be increased employment opportunities and reduced poverty due to the development of road associated activities that will develop in the area” ? Does that mean that it is the intention of the Tanzanian greedy politicians to develop MORE than a highway? That’s left open and that’s what it sounds like. The report is blah, blah, blah… the consulting firm is from India. Where is the report from the experts and the scientists. who have no inherent interest and who would not gain by building the highway, with the REAL facts? If they have nothing to gain, why are they so strongly opposed to the construction? Because they care – that’s why! The government consists of POLITICIANS who do not know about the ecosystem… who likely have not conducted a comprehensive study on the impact this would have on the environment and the migrations, and who are only thinking of lining their pockets with green… and I don’t mean the grass in the Serengeti. Politicians are not known for their honesty, rather, the exact opposite. This is OBVIOUSLY about greed. The so-called report actually pissed me off when I read it… it was obviously drafted on behalf of the president of Tanzania and his supporters. I just don’t understand the blatant stupidity and greed of some people. Come on Tanzania, wake up and think about the overall and life-lasting effect constructing the highway would have on the migrations and the eco-system – and be honest with yourselves.

      • Joyce_modest at 8:03 am

        It is completely true, the President and his supporters don’t have any clue of the importance of Serengeti’s ecosystem. These politicians who are interested in constructing the highway,are doing it for their own interests and it is neither for the benefit local people nor for this world heritage resource.As for many of Tanzanians, we won’t support this stupidity because we belong to Serengeti and Serengeti belong to all of us and it our duty to protect it for the sake of the current and future generations.

  2. Zepha at 9:26 pm

    They have to stop the plans for this construction. The other time the government (big potatoes) forced the construction of hotels in Serengeti only to later realize that it was for the interest of some government leaders and that’s why they forced it. It is said that the very big luxurious five star hotel in the Serengeti, opened some few years back, belongs to one big leader or has shares which came after that (here the best option would have been to encourage different kinds of camping which are not as permanent as lodges and that they could be moved from time to time to give nature its freedom. Now the construction of highway crossing the Serengeti. For whose interest? couldn’t there be some options? the impact would be huge than the government would have looked into other options. “Serengeti shall never die” now it will die if the government insists. The government need to rethink about this project and forget about it.

  3. Dr. Bertram Georgii at 11:26 am

    To whom it may concern,

    as a wildlife ecologist engaged since at least twenty years in SEAs and EIAs I judge the the environmental impact assessment as absolutely insufficient as for the detrimental impacts and aftermaths of the planned Serengeti hihgway. For my conviction it will damage the economy of Tanzania much more than be of benefit for it.

    With best regards

    Dr. Bertram Georgii, Vauna-Consulting, Germany, georgii@vauna.de

  4. Sonorafari at 8:35 am

    The Tanzanian government has some excellent laws about EIA and protecting the environment and protected areas. I would be very interested in finding out from the National Environment Management Council about the next stages in the EIA process:
    1. A public review is now required before the EIA is accepted. When will this take place?
    2. The stakeholders indicated in this EIA are a very small set, and NEMC normally requires a much larger set of stakeholders, including commercial interests (camps and lodges), regional experts (ecologists from the many projects in Serengeti, and the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute), and many others. I presume that NEMC has requested the EIA company to follow up on this, as per Tanzanian law?

  5. Justine at 1:14 pm

    The Tanzanian government under the current leadership is more hopeless than ever in historty. Leadership is greedy of money…foolish ideas and do not want to listen people.
    Serengeti is the public property. Its Tanzanians property and not President’s or people of Serengeti property. We praise the Masai and wakona around Serengeti for protecting it for years and leave it for generations and generations.
    Serengeti is our treasury. No one should temper with it

    • Raphael Mahangi at 3:24 am

      Tanzania has been stolen their wild animals and sent abroad by the leaders who were not honest,i ask to any why they sold our fauna and flora to whites?

  6. LCJ at 9:14 pm

    Although I am not qualified to make specific comments regarding the road construction in the Seregeti, it is clear that the fears we have regarding this proposed
    road is the evidence of what has been the same pattern of destruction all around the world at the hands of humans. It is no longer mere speculation that makes us cringe at the thought of construction in this area; it is the distinct knowledge that what is happening elsewhere in the world is an indictment on the goals of commercial interests. We all know that commercial interests have already devastated much of the natural world. Truly, humankind is the most dangerous predator on Earth. We would be fools to believe that this is the beginning of “progress”. Even if commenced with forethought and careful planning with respect the environment of all living creatures, it is inevitable that commercial interests will prevale, and nature will lose, yet again. Sorry to be pessimistic. Obviously, money and efforts to preserve this area, as others, must outweigh those who would carelessly destroy the habitat eventually. I am grateful to those who are behind this fight to preserve the Serengeti. Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

  7. Rosemary Mavhiri at 7:38 am

    It goes without any arguement that the proposed development will have tremendous effects to the environment which in turn wiil advrsely affect humaniyty as part of nature.The need for social economic development by human kind can not cost the whole of nature becouse it is us who need nature to survive as nature can successfully do without humans .It is high time such tempers with the natural environment can not be condoned anymore because what does it profiteth thereof to have all the environmental knowledge and still act ignore like what our fore fathers did which is even still costing us today. the future generation can not bear all the environmental consequences so far enough is enough no to the Serengeti road development.

  8. sarah at 10:00 am

    We miss Julius kambarage Nyerere who would do anything to support wildlife conservation efforts. Some political Leaders forget that they are servants to the citizens and not dictators. They forget their promises once they are elected. If citizens and all other stakeholders sees the project as a threat to their environment why force it?

  9. Steria Ndaga at 10:20 pm

    Hi, this is so helpful that you have included the entire EIA on your site! Would you know where to find other Tanzanian EIAs? Specifically, I am looking for the Robondo Island National Park EIA for the hotel and for the general park if it is available. Please email me back with more information! Thank you so much!