1st International Serengeti Day

Serengeti Day – March 19, 2011

Serengeti Day is both a celebration of the remarkable Serengeti ecosystem and an appeal to the world community to come to its aid.  A commercial route through the Serengeti will not only devastate the ecosystem and the great migration, but will hurt the people of Tanzania by destroying tourism revenue, tens of thousands of jobs, and a proud legacy of conservation.

Many countries have their own organizers who are coordinating Serengeti Day activities. Look for a discussion group in your country. Go to our Facebook page and click on the Discussions tab at the top.

You can take part in many ways. We have online materials and ideas for you.

ORDER  T-SHIRTS, mugs, totes, and other products Available with a click online and shipped anywhere in the world. 10% goes to Serengeti Watch. Order here.

INFORM YOUR LOCAL ZOO, NATURE CENTER, MUSEUM, OR NEWSPAPER. Send them a Press_Release about the highway, and have them contact us at: [email protected]

SEND POSTCARDS, FLYERS, LETTERS. Get friends to write a Tanzanian embassy or consulate with appeals to stop the highway. Arrange to deliver them on Serengeti Day. Distribute flyers and posters. Download materials here.  Click here for an embassy list.

JOIN OUR CELL PHONE RECYCLING CAMPAIGN. Join our Eco-Cell movement and donate your old cell phone to raise money for the Serengeti. Eco-Cell partners with environmental  non-profits  in North America. They collect and recycle old cell phones. Learn more here.

HOST AN AWARENESS PARTY. Celebrate the Serengeti with a safari party at home, a local restaurant, or club. Provide media information well in advance. Record the event with video and still photos and send to us.

TAKE SERENGETI DAY TO SCHOOL. Involve elementary school kids integrating science, reading, writing and arts.  Click here for a curriculum and classroom materials.

WALK FOR A WILDEBEEST. Organize a group or walk on your own. Get pledges for the number of miles you walk. Learn more here.

THINK GLOBALLY — ACT LOCALLY. If you have the experience and contacts, engage in local environmental actions in your community, such as cleaning a park, volunteering at an animal shelter, cleaning a water front, etc. Bring in the local scouts/guides troops to participate as partners. Work with a local environmental action group to get them involved.

IMPORTANT All events, activities, appeals, and and information campaigns on behalf of Serengeti Day must be positive, respectful, and peaceful. Each individual is acting privately on his or her own initiative, and is in no way acting in an official or voluntary capacity for Serengeti Watch itself.

DONATIONS:  you can make them online here.

Serengeti Watch is a program of the Earth Island Institute, a nonprofit organization registered in the United States. It has received the highest rating on Charity Navigator.



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Serengeti Day Poster

Serengeti Day Poster – customizeable