Walk (or Run) for Wildebeest

This activity can bring people together to learn more and share about the important highway issue facing the Serengeti World Heritage Site.  It can also draw the attention of local media in order to help more people hear about this issue.  Organizing a walk or run is fairly simple, but takes time.

Set up a network of local people who are interested in promoting the activity, and then enlist others to join.  A large turn-out is important.

Provide a mile/kilometer pledge sheet, where walkers get others to pledge funds for each mile/kilometer walked, or simply a pledge for completion of the walking route (please note that this step is only necessary if you intend to raise funds for Serengeti Watch’s future efforts to block this highway, up to you).

Provide media information locally and well in advance, so the local press knows the date, time and purpose of the walk. STSH will provide a press release for this purpose.

Research your local government requirements about any necessary local permits/permissions for your event. These are usually obtained at no cost from a local government agency.

Reach out to local businesses to get them involved – providing water and/or food for the walkers. Not necessary, but it is nice, and can help raise awareness as well. Local businesses are many times willing to participate if they get a public thank you.

Contact the media the day before the event to make sure they intend to cover it.
Take video and still shots of the event. And, get comments from participants about why they are participating, to use for future sharing of information.

Order T-shirts!

STSH has developed a ‘shop’ on Café Press (online) to provide Save the Serengeti products if local event participants want to wear shirts or hats, etc as they do their activity.  Ten percent of the funds go to Serengeti Watch.


Important Notes

The Public Face of the Effort:  Every event organized and lead for Serengeti Day will reflect on the larger efforts. It is critical that all local actions be positive, respectful, and peaceful – we are not moving to protest actions at this stage, and ask that you do not promote ‘protest-like’ action.

Media and Images: Any event should have some local media connection – if possible.  We will be coordinating with international media to make sure all events, large and small, are brought together into a larger release of information.  Media materials will be provided to you through the website.  It is important that local event activities are documented through images (video and still) that can be used to support the ongoing global spotlight on the problem.  Participants should be made aware of this.

Funds raised will be donated to Serengeti Watch.  Each of us is acting in a volunteer position, and no stipend can be provided for individual efforts.

You can donate funds online here

Serengeti Watch is a program under the Earth Island Institute, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with the highest rating on Charity Navigator.

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