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About Friends of Serengeti

Friends of Serengeti is a nonprofit organization that uses sustainable travel to preserve this ecosystem.

We believe that the success of sustainable tourism will be the deciding factor in whether the Serengeti ecosystem will survive. The key element in sustainable tourism is the involvement of local people, bringing awareness and tangible social and economic benefits from tourism.

We get support from the travel industry and travelers. We use these funds for conservation, education, and benefits to people living within and around protected natural areas. Grants are made to our local Tanzanian nonprofit organization.



Travel Company Membership

  • Commit your organization to best practices of responsible and sustainable tourism.
  • Help educate travelers and the public about the immediate threats and long term issues affecting the Serengeti ecosystem.
  • Partner with Friends of Serengeti on project funding, monitoring of projects, and creating opportunities for local people to participate in and benefit from tourism.
  • Help monitor the ecosystem and report threats and issues for collective action.
  • Work with other members to provide a lobby of support and advocacy for the preservation of the Serengeti.
International Members

Membership is for outbound tour operators who send travelers to Kenya or Tanzania. Members are expected to participate in our traveler funding program. There is an annual dues fee.

East African Members

We welcome membership by Tanzanian and Kenyan tour operators, hotels, lodges, and other service providers.

Nonprofit Affiliates

We welcome and need nonprofit organizations as partners. We will share information and partner on projects. T 

Corporate Sponsors

Show your support of the Serengeti to thousands of travelers around the world. Help your own business by helping secure the future of this important resource.

Inquire about membership here:  [email protected]